needed: inspiration

I took a break from work yesterday afternoon and spent an hour listening to Dame Eva Turner, British soprano absoluta.

Why? Because her “In questa regia” (from the opera Turandot by Puccini) never fails to move me.

Listening to the glory of her  deep, rich sound, the resonant freedom of those high notes evident despite 1920‘s & 30‘s recording technology. . . always uplifts & refreshes me.

That’s what grand opera used to be all about. Here’s a link to a YouTube. Have a little listen for yourself. If you’ve not time for the whole thing, listen to the last 30-to-60 seconds.

Petite Dame Turner didn’t need deafening amplification, strobe lighting, or smoke. She did it with her voice, her knowledge of how to sing properly (a.k.a., vocal technique), and her inspiration.

The secret in singing lies between the vibration in the singer’s voice and the throb in the hearer’s heart

Kahil Gibran

That’s communication beyond words.

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