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Sunday Salon

Today’s collection includes who’d-a-thought financial lessons from Downton Abbey, insights into Jackie O being brought to the stage, another state of the Arts update from DC, and words of warning on vitamin supplements from Australia.

After years of crouching, arts ed is raising its hand againWashington Post

Camelot’s Widow, Without MythologyNew York Times

Money Lessons From ‘Downton Abbey’Wall Street Journal

It can’t hurt, right? Wrong–Sydney Morning Herald

Sunday salon

Yours truly loves a beautiful book, and paper that’s a pleasure to write upon.
Thus, was delighted to read this in The  Washington Post.

Also of note today in this article about a Broadway producer working with high school students. Their subtitle is ‘ Shakespeare meets “Jersey Shore.”’
Cool, dude!

PBS’s Masterpiece Contemporary had an interesting show, “Page Eight,” with Bill Nighy.

Yours truly got hooked on British actors after discovering what interesting things they do with voice and body to portray a character. A chance to view this actor in a straight, good-guy part, wasn’t to be missed. Interesting to hear and see how he used facial mannerisms and vocal effects in his characterization.

Interesting NPR bit also about Nighy, and Mr. Nighy’s site.
More about the Robin Hood Tax.

Wonder why we don’t hear about this across the pond…


Sunday salon


Interesting article in today’s Washington Post about birthing new plays & associated issues.

Artist Georgia O’Keeffe

“Nobody sees a flower, really — it is so small — we haven’t time, and to see takes time…”

Learning to sing also takes time.

Scroll down in the Wiki article for online examples of her works.

PBS’s American Masters series

Reviewed an old VHS copy of Juilliard lately.

Excellent, but not yet available on DVD.