the traintracks never meet

Hello again! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. 😳

How are you? Tickety-boo, I hope.

I’ve rummaged in the old shoe box and come up with some collections from around the country.

Hope you enjoy . . .

. . . and are staying comfortable, which ever side of the equator you’re on.

(For the full effect, puh-lease click a pic to go into slide show view, for captions & larger pics. Then Escape to get back here. Thanks!)

First up is downtown Chicago, Illinois (IL), inside the central business district (CBD) which is called the Loop, because the El (subway) goes all the way round it.  Technically, it’s not really a loop as the El follows straight streets, and curves round the corners. But that’s nicknames for you. They don’t necessarily follow rules. 😉


Then we travel roughly 1,000 miles south-east to Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia (VA), which is just a stone’s toss across the Potomac River so’s to be almost part of DC.  Actually, part of DC is in Northern Virginia.  It’s National Airport.  Er, that’s the old name; now it’s Reagan International, named after guess who?

Still with me? Okay! Now we’ll travel several hundred miles south, through the state of Virginia, to the next state south: North Caroline (NC).

As Southerners would say, “Thanks for stoppin’ by. Y’all come back, now! 😘

Submitted for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

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