weathered whimsies

Here’s is a bit of the mosaic lobby flooring of the 100-year-old building I lived in for most of my Chicago years… which came nowhere near 100 years.

Maintenance were laying new lobby carpet one morning, and jackhammering this out.  HORRORS! Not anything for me to save except some photos.

Far too much of that still goes on in the Windy City and elsewhere. However, the Art Institute does collect bits and pieces of architectural gems from past years, as I discovered one day.  (see right)

(left)  Whilst visiting in Palo Alto (California) one summer I managed to have tea at a favourite tea shop, and admired their vintage cup & saucer collection for sale with other accoutrement.

Lastly, below  is an example of a woolen scarf, originally knitted whilst in Chicago, and not worn since.

Rediscovered just before our latest Arctic blast, I frogged (unraveled) it and crocheted it a bit wider this time.

At the top is what 6″ pieces of the frogged yarn looked like before washing. Below is how they straighten out after washing.

Stay warm, or cool if you’re Down Under!


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