how we sound to ourselves vs. others

How we sound to others is quite different from the way we sound to ourselves.

To understand why, think about what sound is: Different vibrations moving through the air, reaching our ears, vibrating through those teensy bones and registering, or not (sounds can be ignored!), in our thinking.

When we’re producing the sound ourselves, we’ve in the midst of the manufacturing process, so to speak. Thus, what we’re hearing are vibrations as we produce them, vibrating internally through our own teensy bones. That is, within our bodies, and without the added resonances of additional air & space.

Still with me? Thanks! Here’s an example…

Think about sitting in the middle of a large band or orchestra. What would you hear? Loudest would be the instruments closest to you. You might not be able to hear other instruments, playing softer and sitting on the edges of that large group.

But what would you hear if you were sitting out in front of that group? You’d get the combination of all those sounds, blending together, as well as resonating around the space you’re all sitting in.

When we hear our recorded voice, it’s as if we’re suddenly in front of that group, instead of in the middle of it. Sounds sort of the same, but different.

Hope this help!


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