gone, but not forgotten ~ slow!

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More about the Canal.

Realized this also fits this week’s WordPress theme,

Gone, but Not Forgotten!

Let’s all take a deep breath, remember, and take life slo-o-ow.


ailsa’s lovely photos here

6 thoughts on “gone, but not forgotten ~ slow!”

    1. Thanks for your comment, Janet! Might be a tad too cold on a canal barge at the moment, but summer is nice, provided the humidity isn’t too high. (Am not a fan.)
      I don’t know the Soane in France – is it south? Have always thought it would be lovely to see Provence in the spring or autumn. Author Peter Mayle makes it sound so inviting!


      1. I misspelled it. Should be Saône, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sa%C3%B4ne. My s-i-l and her husband used to live in Provence and it’s lovely. I’ve heard that Peter Mayle had to move as his neighbors weren’t all thrilled by the way they were portrayed in his books. 🙂 My s-i- now lives in northeastern France, closer to Switzerland and Germany. Also very nice there but quite different from Provence. You’re right that it would be a bit cold for a barge right now.


      2. Thanks so much for the link – very lovely & quite historic. 🙂 Sorry to hear about P.M.’s experience as I’ve enjoyed his writing, particularly the characterizations, which to me seem endearingly quirky. Am sad to hear his neighbours were offended. The series he did with A&E is a holiday tradition, as the December episode is so touching and evocative.


      3. I enjoy his writing, too, although I can understand at least some people being offended at the way they were portrayed. So might many of us feel. 🙂 Haven’t seen the series. I’ll have to look for it. Did you know he’s written some fiction as well, mysteries?


      4. Yes, I can see others’ point of view as well, and perhaps there’s a bit of the Brit/French thing which I cant fully appreciate from across the pong. Know about the fiction, too, and enjoy them as well. The series is Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence. Have you seen the movie they made from “A Good Year,” with Russell Crowe? I thought it excellent, and also enjoy the commentary included in “extras.”


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