BBC PROMS – Last Night, 13 September 2014

The U.K.’s annual musical celebration, the Proms,  continues this summer, with live concerts, telly, online, & radio coverage.

I always try to catch Last Night from Royal Albert Hall, as it’s the only thing we can generally hear live across the pond.  And the last half, especially the encores, can be the best part.

For those actually in the U.K., or those lucky enough to be planning a trip there in mid-September, here are the other venues for Last Night:

Glasgow Green, 7.30pm – c10.00pm
Belfast, the Titanic Slipways, 7.30pm – c10.50pm
Hyde Park, 3.00pm – c10.30pm
Swansea, Singleton Park, 7.45 – c10.30 pm

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