library copies of Corinna Chapman books, by Kerry Greenwood
library copies of Corinna Chapman books, by Kerry Greenwood

i want to move to Melbourne and live in Insula, the Roman-inspired condo building where Corinna Chapman* lives.  she has the most intriguing neighbours, with a fascinating little group of shops clustered in and around Insula.

Corinna is a baker, and there’s also a wonderful Greek family restaurant a few doors down, along with an exquisite chocolate shop.  the resident witch and the leather lady’s shops  aren’t exactly my style, but they’re lovely, caring neighbours.    almost everyone has a cat or two, except the resident Nerds Inc. guys, whose mums take turns washing the chili & pizza stains out of their clothes.   nice to have laundry pick-up & delivery service.

i like cats.  i miss cats.  i don’t miss hair all over my fabric and clothing, or having to pick up all pattern pieces and yarn left out in their house.  that’s not a typo.  It’s their house, they rule, and you exist at their whim.

i enjoy visiting other people’s cats, provided they’re well behaved and mannerly.  all the cats in Ms. C’s neighborhood are extremely mannerly.  there are a few kittens, but they’re in training, no doubt rising to adulthood in the next couple of books, sitting on my table begging to be read.

as yet there aren’t any musicians residing at Insula.  maybe i should drop someone a note.

* Corinna Chapman mysteries are written by Kerry Greenwood, who also writes the Phryne Fisher mystery series.  Both make excellent reading on a blustery winter’s evening, or under a beach umbrella.  Pardon me whilst I check the airlines again.

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