Happy Birthday, Woody Guthrie

This month’s Smithsonian Magazine has an interesting article about artist/composer/performer/writer Woody Guthrie, who would have been 100 on 14 July.  In celebration of Guthrie’s birth in Oklahoma 100 years ago, Smithsonian and Library of Congress experts researched through their extensive archives to get a clearer picture of the man.

Guthrie left thousands of songs either unfinished, unrecorded, or both. His legacy is being continued by his daughter Nora, and others.  “He left all these songs behind because of Huntington’s disease and because of tragedies in his life. It was such an interrupted life,” she says,” in a related article from Smithsonian Magazine in 2010.

Guthrie also left hundreds of drawings, some of which are online. And Guthrie’s prose is becoming known as important literature of the early 20th century.  His work in these multiple fields was so prolific it’s still being found.

Musician – artist – writer.  Quite a legacy for someone who died at 55 (in 1967). An example of why creative people shouldn’t limit their interests to one subject.

Smithsonian video here.


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