Importance of Dress Rehearsal

In February/March 2012 Cantanti~Solisti did a series on Downton Abbey-inspired concerts. Part of the posts included information about costuming, including the importance of having a real dress rehearsal.

No matter what you’re wearing while performing, you need to know beforehand how you’re going to feel in your clothes when you’re under the pressure of a live audience.

Do we really need to remind singers…

  • How much attention they pay to how their bodies feel when they’re singing?
  • How distracting it is to them if something’s too tight (restricted breathing), or too loose (lack of feeling supported)?
  • How awkward they look when tight shoes make even standing still painful?

We’re not getting into costume malfunction. There are already too many horror stories.

Even when you’ve done all your homework, and are wearing tested clothes, seams can pop, buttons come off, etc. Have a small sewing kit handy, just in case.

And don’t forget that water bottle!


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