Seasonal changes all over the world

Given the early and extreme allergy season now occurring in many parts of the world, singers – with or without allergies! — will need to be more aware of local weather conditions when home or traveling. Below are specifics from two articles, one each from below and above the equator.

  • “… world temperatures were rising to record levels in 2011…”
  • “… A United Nations weather agency report found the global mean surface temperature in 2011 was 0.4C above the long-term average, making it the eleventh warmest year on record…”
  • “… This took the world’s mean surface temperature to its highest point in a year that La Nina, a natural weather phenomenon that has a cooling influence, was strong…”
  • “…The US broke a number of heatwave records, including the highest mean summer temperature recorded and records for the number of days above 37.8C….”

National – health/science report from The Washington Post

Second wettest year on record, Courier-Mail, Australia


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