Culture + Olympics: 1906 to 2012

In 1906 Baron Pierre de Coubertin is credited with creating ‘Olympic Art Competitions.’  The first program was presented in 1912 at the Games in Stockholm.

Traditionally, events vary, but all must stay within International Olympic Committee guidelines. The charter reads,

“The OCOG shall organise a programme of cultural events which must cover at least the entire period during which the Olympic Village is open.”

The 2012 Cultural Olympiad includes hundreds of events, over four years,  culminating in the London 2012 Festival.

The 2010 Games in Vancouver, Canada, held CODE, or Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition.

Here’s an official link to this summer’s cultural celebration in London.

Opera connection

According to Wikipedia, L’Olimpiade is a 3-act opera libretto by Metastasio, used by Caldara (1733), and more than 60 other composers. Greek historian Herodotus‘ histories was Metastasio’s source.

The story is set at the time of the original Olympic games (ancient Greece), and includes all the grand opera themes – love, death, jealousy, etc.


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