Soprano Elizabeth Connell

“Benefiting from her own research into the history and technique of singing and a shrewd management of vocal resources, she continued to give audiences immense pleasure with her fresh, intelligent, often thrilling performances.”                                       The Guardian

South African soprano Elizabeth Connell, 65. died last Sunday from cancer.  Ms. Connell was an outstanding operatic soprano, and a marvelous concert artist. Many opera-goers might not have known that recitals were where her own wit and charm shone, as well as her prodigious vocal talents. 

Tim Smith’s excellent blog had a lovely piece about her last Monday. Do listen to the YouTube embedded on his site, as the Ernest Charles song isn’t easy. Her technique and delivery were perfect. A considerable inspiration for us all, at any age.

We also include The Guardian’s obituary, as well as a YouTube link to the “Farewell Song” by Betty  Roe that is mentioned.

The opening quote from The Guardian sums up our wishes to all singers. Continue researching and studying, and know and accept your instrument’s limitations. Keep both feet firmly on the ground. Sing with intelligence, and inspiration.


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