Performer vs. introvert: handling both

Twayla Tharp, Julia Cameron, and others advise creative people to prepare for, and expect success in their field. Does success mean loosing peace and quiet to you? And does that horrify you? It does some people.

According to Daria Steigman’s condensed review of The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership, by Lisa Petrilli, there are elements of the introvert in most people, and Petrilli’s book gives suggestions for coping.

The subject’s very appropriate for performers. More details appear in Daria’s complete review.

Today’s world demands 24/7 accessibility and total lack of privacy in exchange for “popularity.” Saying, “No, thanks” risks career oblivion. How to navigate and keep one’s sanity?

It’s a serious subject that should be part of every performer’s mental preparation.


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