Speaking of costumes … 2

Can’t build on a bad foundation

Nothing’s more distracting or embarrassing than non-functioning foundation garments.

  • Find a mate with a smartphone (if you don’t have one) and make a short video of yourself singing in your complete performance costume, including hair and makeup.
  • A picture’s worth 1,000 words. Check for jiggles, visible breathing, tan/knicker lines.
  • Ask for truthful comments from any watchers.
  • If needed, go to any major department store for proper fitting support garments. Take your performance costume with you.

Whaaaaat? You don’t have a dress rehearsal??
We’ll pretend we didn’t hear that.

As promised in the previous post, here’s more information on costuming options.

Patterns Most major U.S. companies are issuing retro patterns, and many current ones can be adapted. Vintage styles are also available from smaller specialty pattern companies. Below are suggestions from both categories to get you started.

Decades of Style  
Kwik Sew 
Wearing History 

Blogs A sampling to provide inspiration & information

Diary of a Vintage Girl  
Wearing History 
We Sew Retro

Note: Above are not endorsements. Users take full responsibility for using the above as reference points for their own research. No products have been received in exchange for these postings.


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