Speaking of costumes…

Yours truly’s always sewn gowns for performance. If sewing’s something you might get interested in, consider it more seriously.

YouTube has all kinds of how-to videos, and major fabric stores worldwide are getting on the bandwagon with their own.

No sewing machine? Try discount and op shops, friends, family, and the Internet. Some can be rented by the hour. Call around your area and ask. You’d be surprised how helpful and inventive people can be when the economy’s bad, and they just might love some program credit ~ on your recital, of course.  😉

Considering a gown can’t be found for under $100 USD, and one can make one in much less …

As previously noted, historic patterns, sometimes labeled as vintage, are all over the web, along with friendly folk who’ve already posted blogs answering any question you can think of.

Next post will have detailed info/links.



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