A singer’s mental work

Did you catch this in our Thanksgiving post from mezzo Joyce DiDonato?

…”the mental work we do in preparation for the stage and for singing is, bar none, the most important, beneficial and worthwhile work we can do as singers. “

Yours truly has mentioned this mental work before, in the context of sport.  Several other posts dealing with the books The Artist’s Way and Power Performance for Singers deal with the subject in detail.  (Please do a quick search on this site for those titles, as they’re too numerous to list.)

To this performer’s thinking, Ms. DiDonato’s given a wonderful example of shutting out the world and concentrating on the work at hand. Note that she didn’t post during this intense 3-month period.

Afterwards, she’s explained a little, very eloquently, about the generalities of what she did, but not many specifics. That’s also a great lesson.

As Cameron points out in The Artist’s Way, a wise artist doesn’t broadcast what they’re doing while they’re doing it. And they don’t give the ball game away afterward, either.

Great example of when to talk and when to shut up! It’s also a great lesson in protecting yourself and your process.  Don’t understand why? Read Cameron’s book.

Veddy important.


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