Applying Horowitz’ Mozart to Granados’ Tonadillas

”It is deceptive, Horowitz believed, to think of Mozart’s piano writing as simple… Horowitz liked to quote what Rachmaninov said of the opening of his own Third Piano Concerto, a simple melody played in octaves: easy as it may seem, Rachmaninov felt that it was more difficult than the rest of the Concerto.

“ ‘Mozart was a virtuoso-composer just like Chopin or Liszt,’ Horowitz explained, ‘but his virtuosity is expressed in fewer notes…  Because of the spare textures, Mozart’s piano music needs more color, not less, than so-called Romantic music in which color is already an integral part of the composition.’
                                Insert: from notes by Edward Greenfield

Horowitz — Mozart

Same thing with Granados’ Tonadillas.


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