Harry Belafonte: ‘Sing Your Song’

In the singing and freedom vein was last night’s HBO offering, “Sing Your Song,”  a look at Harry Belafonte’s 84 years of singing and causes.  See below for a YouTube of “Day-O.”

Reading a review somewhere online reminded yours truly of seeing Paul Robeson’s American Masters program.  A sampling of his singing via YouTube is also below.

Yes, Robeson’s singing in English and Russian.  He also took up causes during his life, and paid the price.  A  brilliant intellect, he knew exactly what those words meant.


Does singing have power? Estonians say YES!

Flag of Estonia

Seems the country sang its way out of bloody Communist totalitarianism.

The rest of the world never heard about it.

Why?  It was bloodless.

It’s taken an art form (film) and 20 years to communicate the story.

And you wonder why yours truly winges on about the Arts and Communications linkage!

Goodness, the ancient Greeks knew that!  How did they openly discuss problems Oprah used telly (another art form) to discuss?!

Greek authors wrote plays – remember Medea?
Its all online – go look it up!

Yours truly heard about The Singing Revolution from a pipe organist friend, who’s now playing Sunday service for an Estonian congregation.


Seasonal changes & mental skills

North of the equator it’s Fall or Autumn.  Below, it’s Spring.  Whatever your season, hope it’s a happy one.

Ran into an interesting documentary the other day, “Cup of Dreams“, from New Zealand.  About the All Blacks team (refers to the jersey color), and very interesting.  Seems they have a mental skills coach who plays an important part in the team’s overall health and ability to score.

Reminded yours truly of Power Performance for Singers as discussed elsewhere in this blog.

Another reminder how closely singing should be equated to sport both physically and mentally.