In Aussie Mode

G’Day, Mates!

Don’t know why we’re thinking Ozland today.  Haven’t had a TimTam in weeks.

Certainly not from watching From Script to Screen.  That’s about British writers of generally BBC telly programmes, coincidentally also huge hits on PBS across the pond. It provided food for thought, rather than tummy. (Must lay in more TimTams…)

Especially when we’ve tried to remember the last American-produced TV show not based on a British show that brings as much enjoyment.

Example:  Just beginning around these parts is the BBC series, New Tricks. Just renewed in the U.K. for 11th and 12th seasons, it’s only available very sporadically in the U.S. and not being shown sequentially locally. Thus the research.

Funny.  Suspenseful.  Well written & acted.

Still can’t figure out the Aussie connection . . .