Keith’s UP photos & a Jazz Legend

Selected Works Used Books & Music Store owner
Keith Peterson, from his collection

Selected Works store owner Keith Peterson’s not just a talented author. He had his first one-man photography show last winter in Hyde Park. Check out his latest photos here.*

He doesn’t use Photoshop tricks, folks. It’s centuries of water running over rocks, photographed in sunlight and shadow.

My philosophy with photography, too. Like the old Chiffon margarine commercial said: “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”

* “UP”, for those non-Midwesterners, stands for “Upper Peninsula” or upper Michigan, a frequent vacation spot. Which reminds me. . .

A former teaching colleague, Bruno Laakko always headed to his family’s retreat on UP as soon as school was over, escaping DC’s summer weather. I was a wet-behind-the-ears vocal teacher, and remember his telling me he’d taught a Finnish clarinetist how to lip up the gliss that starts Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”

What he didn’t say was the band was already famous in Finland, but American jazz wasn’t too “American” at that time (1930’s). Laakko changed that.

He-he! Never one to mince words, a favorite phrase was, “Call a spade a steam shovel.” He-hee – quite a character!

Now he’s on Finland’s wiki for his contributions to their musical culture. Also several YouTube recordings. Yours truly never made it to a sauna with him down at the Finish Embassy (modesty forbade!), but hanging out with him was a hoot.

So nice to see the computer world’s continued to honor his place in history.


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