Music Isn’t an Exercise

Walking along a nice gentrified patch of some blurbs a couple days ago I came across a small courtyard with someone playing classical guitar, gently amplified for the outdoor space. We’re not talking loud, blaring sound, just appropriate for the small outdoor space.  Nice, thought yours truly, walking past.

Immediately came along the Internal Teacher:  Nice, but those running 16th aren’t saying anything.

The effect was not electrifying.
Easier to walk past it all.

With early music transcriptions for classical guitar he could get away with it.
But then he launched into Spanish music.
No.  ¡No-no-no-no absolutamente!

Music is emotion transmitted as sound.
Es-pecially Spanish music!

There was not the slightest arch of sound, like a roller coaster gathering speed slightly on the incline, then rushing downward on the decent.  That’s rubato.

There was no yearning. Even 16 note runs can yearn, stretch, trying for a higher/lower climax than the phrase before.  It’s part of phrasing!

With singers it’s knowing when to breathe. Instrumentalists need to do the same thing because the musical phrases need to breathe.

If classical music’s in trouble today it’s because people aren’t excited by listening to people playing music like exercises!


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