John Cleese as Peter Pan & Master Communicator

“A lot of people get rigid as they get older because they think they should be ‘wise’. But the child in us, the source of playfulness and joy – that’s the source of all the loveliest things in life. The most creative people have this childlike facility to play. I do. But one or two of my friends think of me a little bit as ‘not grown up’. And I realise how trapped they are in the need to be grown up – which I’ve never felt,” he adds with a chuckle.”    Recent interview in The Telegraph.

Did you know that John Cleese of Monty Python fame has had a production company for several decades, making training films for businesses?  Quite good, to judge from what’s available on their web site.   Just read the outline of what’s covered in any of the films, and you’ll realize why the company stays in business.

Any correlation between joyfulness and a well run business ?

Or how humor might be used in communications?


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