Pilar Lorengar… and a little more Granados

Photo credit: wikipedia

Doing one’s homework for another Granados discussion, and remembering that Frank Marshall had been a pupil of Granados and accompanied singers, thus hopefully carrying on Granados’ traditions, and knowing that Alicia de Larrocha had been a pupil of Marshall, it seemed reasonable to look for and listen to YouTube examples of de Larrocha and Marshall accompanying.

Sorry about that long sentence.

The CD, The Catalan Piano Tradition, has Marshall accompanying Supervia (a guitar student of Granados whom he discovered during solfeg class) so that got a listen.  De Larrocha is also on the recording, with Badia singing.

On YouTube, the following were also useful:

Pilar Lorengar –

Teresa Berganza  –

However, there weren’t enough with de Larrocha, and as Pilar Lorengar is a (shamefully admitted) new-to-moi lyric soprano, she needed to be added to The Library.

An excellently reviewed Decca double CD set was located via Amazon, and it’s just arrived, containing tonadillas from Granados’ set, all with de Larrocha …

Later, after listening …

Splendid voice has Lorengar; how she loves all the high A’s and occasional B-flats!  And sings them radiantly, too.  Yet I cannot agree with much of her Granados interpretation.  De Larrocha is marvelous.  More on that when we do just Granados.


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