A Single Bold, Courageous Word

“The Revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected, from 1760 to 1775, in the course of fifteen years before a drop of blood was drawn at Lexington.”

John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, August 24, 1815

An interesting combination of articles in online news this morning…  Snatching headlines in DC is the announcement by The Library of Congress that their researchers have used hyperspectral imaging to discover that Thomas Jefferson originally wrote, ” ’our fellow subjects’ in his first draft of The Declaration of Independence.

But he apparently changed his mind. In that first draft, heavily scrawled over the word “subjects” is the word ‘citizens.’”

Library specialists point out this fundamental shift in Jefferson’s thinking occurred after he authored a similar document for the State of Virginia.  In that, “subjects” is used.

Where would our country be today without such deep, concentrated thought about a single word?

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