Granados Plays Granados

Photo credit: Detail of (The White) Duchess of Alba, Goya, 1795

In a continuing quest for more information about Granados, yours truly found a more complete biographical article.  In addition to a lot more information in general, there are several photographs, and a more complete listing of his compositions.

The Wikipedia reference for Granados lists a number of references at the end, which yours truly looked through.  But having read so much about his pianistic abilities, and habit of composing during actual performances,  it seemed more prudent to try to locate recordings of Granados playing his own music.  Double-checking Amazon, this seemed a possibility.

There are echoes and themes from Granados’ Goyescas in his vocal compositions, or is it vice versa? And referring back to his opinion of the world’s concept of Spanish music, Granados wrote his music without a hint of tambourines or castanets.

To hear Granados, please scroll down this page to the second mp3 example, two photos down.  Their mp3 is embedded on their page, and to copy the file would probably be a copyright infringement.

After listening, dear Possums, you understand why Granados was considered such a virtuoso, composer, and musician, and why yours truly has taken such pains to find the real performer.

Can you hear the very subtle variances in tone, tempo, etc.? Then perhaps you understand why it’s so crucial to get the correct pianola version.

And why it’s taken 30-odd years, the latest technologies, and multiple experts around the globe to pull it all together for you, Dear Readers.

Viva Granados! (y viva el Internet, también)


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