Keith Peterson Interview: “The Body in the Bookstore Sink”

Photo credit: used by permission, K. Peterson

Yours truly had the fun of talking with author and bookstore owner Keith Peterson recently. Here’s a link to his place, the best used books and sheet music shop in Chicago, Selected Works – Used Books and Music.

Keith has completed his first novel, The Body in the Bookstore Sink,  which started out to be a collection of stories told by his now-deceased friend, Steve.  But gradually a novel took shape, and Keith talks about how it all happened.

The entire book is available in PDF format online, free.   See his web site, and click on Keith’s Novel.

Also discussed is a sequel, with the working title Lucky Buck.  It’s available from the same page.

Photo credit: Keith Peterson

Both mysteries are set in Chicago, and many of the names and places are based on actual places and events in Chicago and elsewhere.  The first novel does contain some rough characters and crude language; however, they are all influenced for the good by Father Stephan, and there’s a happy ending.

Currently, the second novel has the beginnings of a love story for Seth, the bookstore owner, while Father Stephan’s stories aren’t always finished.

Even Hodge, The Bookstore Cat, manages to add his individual contribution to the interview.

Photo credit: Keith Peterson

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