April in January

Moving from East to West Coasts in the United States can be traumatic, if you’re used to verdant green trees and grass.

It’s often thought to have the best weather in the U.S., with dry heat and no rain from about March until about October. (There can be pesky earthquakes, mudslides,  and fires, but with luck one avoids them.)

Indeed, much of the state is semi-arid, which means it rains only in the winter.  The lyricist who wrote  “hate California, it’s cold and it’s damp…” wrote the truth.

Enter the movies, since they’re so identified with the state.  However, pieces such as The Enchanted April, rarely get made there.

Trust the British to write a book and make a film that transports the viewer from acrid post-WW I London to a quaint castle during an idyllic Italian spring.

If Portofino and wisteria sound wonderful ‘bout now, one couldn’t do worse that read/watch this.

The original book was written by Elizabeth von Arnim and is now available free from Project Gutenberg.