Ian McShane & John Thaw, a.k.a. Lovejoy & Inspector Morse/Peter Mayle

Ian McShane as Lovejoy, the U.K.’s best known & most notorious antiques dealer ~ plays a lovable rogue who looks the camera straight in the eye while winking himself into one’s heart.

A consummate actor, McShane’s credits include Dallas and Deadwood (U.S.), and the devastating lead in the BBC’s DisraeliLovejoy also has an impeccable cast, gorgeous settings, and priceless antiques.

Don’t miss the Christmas specials either, one in atmospheric Prague, and the other in the U.S. Why it’s included when it has nothing to do with the holidays is a mystery, but we’re not complaining. Why stay a punter when Lovejoy can teach you the trade?!

Peter Mayle is an author to read anytime/anywhere, and feel that life is good and worth living.  Around this time of year we particularly like the gentle spirit of watching his entire year passing, via the DVDs, Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence.

It’s also very refreshing to watch John Thaw (literally), more generally known to Americans as terse, beer-drinking Inspector Morse.

U.S. telly has almost no sightings of Thaw except in this excellent mystery series, but do watch Provence for laughter, wonderful French character actors, and a continuing plot against their never ever-quite-finished Provençal house. There’s ever so much more than’s in the books!